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Why Is Tenant Insurance Important?

Contents insurance is something most renters don’t put too high on their list of priorities. In the grand scheme of expenses, many feel it’s a cost they can do without, believing the likelihood something bad will happen is slim. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, about half of all renters don’t have insurance, especially young people. They also fail to appreciate the full value of thei


Where do most self-represented people go wrong?

Remember that you may only have one chance to do it right, so use that opportunity wisely by preparing carefully and getting legal advice. If you do not present your case properly then it may show in the end result. You are responsible for what you do before and during your court appearance. Judges and court staff cannot represent you or prepare your case for you. You have to put a lot of work int


Power Of Attorney: Why It’s So Important

While nobody likes to think about the possibility of being incapacitated by illness or accident, we have to stress the importance of being prepared for such tragic events.


Funny Fridays!

Laugh or we will hold you in contempt!


Common Law Relationships in New Brunswick

There has been a lot of confusing surrounding what contitutes a commong law relationship in New Brunswick. We are here to help ease the confusing and help navigate through what the term "common law" actually means.


Choosing A Guardian For Your Minor Children

If you have kids, you need to name a guardian for them as part of your will. But there are some important do’s and don’ts when making the decision.


9 Rules to Make Joint Child Custody Work

Coordinating schedules. Divvying up holidays. Shuffling kids between houses. Sharing child custody isn't always easy,


4 myths about common-law relationships

A common law relationship is one in which two people live together but are not legally married to each other. For the relationship to be common law the couple must live together in a 'marriage-like' relationship, for example, by sharing finances, and publicly referring to themselves as partners or spouses.


What is a Retainer?

Even if you have never before spoken with a lawyer, you have probably heard that lawyers collect soemthing called a retainer as payment in trust for their professional services as they are undertaken.